My 7-year-old daughter started selling eggs. This is what you taught me about running a startup.

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. One of the most fun things in the world is to start a business. There is nothing more satisfying than challenging yourself and bringing your idea to life. She assured me seeing my 7-year-old daughter start her own backyard poultry business. In our house we have five … Read more

[Funding roundup] O’2 Nails India, FlexC and Speedlabs offer early stage deals

O’2 Nails India gets second funding from Atal Incubation Center – BIMTECH O’2 screws is one of the fast-growing consumer and fashion retail startups in India that specializes in nail care has raised the space $75,000 financing from Atal Incubator Center – BIMTECH Under the Startup India initiative of the Government of India along with … Read more

‘No easy money’: India’s startup boom gives way to a painful slowdown

They aimed to ride a boom in India’s tech startups, which raised a record $35 billion in new funds in 2021, but the tide has since changed, with corporate governance concerns looming large for investors facing new uncertainty in international markets. “We haven’t seen a slowdown like this in at least five to six years. … Read more

How a Netflix high school graduate built a $100,000 project

Justin Ellen found himself at a difficult crossroads when he was 17 – should he pursue his passion for baking full time, or go to college to continue his education? At the time, the youngest contestant on the popular Netflix show baking was making custom cakes from home as a side hustle, while also tinkering … Read more

How to launch a startup without spending a fortune on marketing

If only there was a one-size-fits-all approach to ensuring a successful startup launch and continued attraction. Novice entrepreneurs are eager to categorize their companies as “Apple of X” or “Uber of Y” in an effort to reach those ranks more quickly. While there are many variables that play a role, there are actually some commonalities … Read more

Global Innovation Fund 2022 for organizations worldwide (funding up to $15 million)

Deadline: rolling Basis The Global Innovation Fund 2022 Now open to applications. The Global Innovation Fund, or GIF, is the premier social impact investment vehicle that works with mission-aligned development agencies, philanthropists, and other funders to find and fund evidence-based innovations with the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of people around the … Read more

Start on your own or bring in a co-founder? 4 Factors to Consider – TechCrunch

Ross Huddleston contributor Ross Hiddleston is Head of Commercial, DocSend at Dropbox. More posts by this contributor Essential Steps to Thriving and Surviving While Fundraising Pre-Seed Round Funding Under Scrutiny: Is the Venture Capital Pandemic Expected to Continue? Every journey into entrepreneurship unique. I find the startup world fascinating because the urge to tackle a … Read more