Kelly Marie Tran reflects on what it means to be cast in Star Wars

picture: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images) For Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Kelly Marie Tran (Raya and the last dragon) sat with To discuss her experience being part of star Wars Universe as a first generation Asian American when she was cast as Rose Tiko Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In the … Read more

“Tchaikovsky’s wife”: Kirill Serebrenkov spoils a great topic

In the past, when Art House films were shown full-time in art houses, “Tchaikovsky’s Wife” might have looked, on paper at least, a movie for middle-class commercial hooks—the kind of movie that would slip into New York’s Lincoln Plaza cinema and play there comfortably for a while. a month or so. The first hook, of … Read more

Utah Legislature Bans Porn Books in Schools With HB374 | Opinion

this year Utah legislature passed HB374A bill banning children’s access to pornography in schools. Since then, there have been continuous attempts to distort the intent of HB374 and prevent its complete implementation. Many assert that efforts to protect children from school pornography are nothing more than racist, bigoted, or rational “book burning”. If you haven’t … Read more

perspective | Nick Galifianakis 25 Years of Drawing Tips

Angus Mordaunt for The Washington Post After thousands of sketches for Caroline Hacks’ advice column, Galifianakis looks back at illustrating the human experience. Warning: This graphic requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript for the best experience. The drawings started with a fleeting thought: While they were discussing Caroline’s new advice column in the Washington Post, an … Read more

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Producer source claims Prince Harry and Meghan are filming ‘home documents’ for Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are said to be filming ‘home documentaries’ for Netflix as part of a $100m streaming deal – and they are said to have welcomed cameras into the $14m Montecito mansion to capture content for outright viewing, which will be suspicious of new concerns within The monarchy on what the couple … Read more

Santigold Shares New Song “High Priestess”: Listen

The last we heard from Santigold was the semi-elusive pop visionary on a recent collaborative track called “MPC 2021” with Busy P, DJ Mehdi, and Benjamin Epps. Before that, Santi released a 2018 album I Don’t Want: Golden Fire Sessions. Now, she’s back with a new percussion song produced with Boys Noize, Ray Brady, Psymun, and Ryan Olson: “High Priestess” which also has a new video.

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The romantic type is not worth slandering Elizabeth Conte

Author Elizabeth Conte’s profile for Daily Pilot (under Los Angeles Times) To the chagrin of romantic readers because in her attempt to claim that the already existing (and controversial) genre of literary romance is its own and half-baked publishing house, Conte has snuffed out millions of readers and writers worldwide—a phenomenon sadly common with the … Read more

How did Islamic art influence the most famous fashion designers | smart news

Tiara, Cartier London, special order, 1936. Platinum, diamonds, turquoise. Sold to the esteemed Robert Henry Brand. Cartier Collection. Vincent Wolfrick, Cartier Collection © Cartier For 175 years, the word “Cartier” has been synonymous with famous French brilliance, from massive diamonds to carefully considered watches. But part of Al-Jawahiri’s signature style was not local – it … Read more

Johnny Depp fans send misogynistic hate to Amber Heard supporters

In an “alarming” case involving life simulation on true crime TV, Amber Heard supporters alleged that Johnny Depp’s fans were harassed and threatened on social media. Since April, the trapped ex-couple – who made headlines all the way back in 2016 during their first split – have split millions As the jury decides Whether Heard, … Read more