Super Jam Calling Artists

May 18 Super Jam Calling Artists Published May 18 – 2022 at Call for applications by flexible Thanks to the Canadian Arts Council, we are excited to announce the Super Jam competition. Open to any artist across Canada, Super Jam is a collaborative jam between a game artist and an artist from another discipline. The … Read more

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perspective | Nick Galifianakis 25 Years of Drawing Tips

Angus Mordaunt for The Washington Post After thousands of sketches for Caroline Hacks’ advice column, Galifianakis looks back at illustrating the human experience. Warning: This graphic requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript for the best experience. The drawings started with a fleeting thought: While they were discussing Caroline’s new advice column in the Washington Post, an … Read more

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How did Islamic art influence the most famous fashion designers | smart news

Tiara, Cartier London, special order, 1936. Platinum, diamonds, turquoise. Sold to the esteemed Robert Henry Brand. Cartier Collection. Vincent Wolfrick, Cartier Collection © Cartier For 175 years, the word “Cartier” has been synonymous with famous French brilliance, from massive diamonds to carefully considered watches. But part of Al-Jawahiri’s signature style was not local – it … Read more

The artist behind ‘Fearless Girl’ is selling NFTs to fund her legal case against the company that placed the statue on Wall Street

Since 2019, Kristen Visbal, the artist behind brave girl The statue that is famous for facing the icon of Wall Street free bull, It was Fight a legal battle against the company that funded the installation. Advertising agency McCann commissioned the sculpture as part of a marketing campaign for asset management firm State Street Global … Read more

Frieze New York 2022 Solo Exhibition

frieze Returning for the second time at The Shed – New York’s multidisciplinary arts venue in Hudson Yards. Marking the gallery’s 10th anniversary this year, the Big Apple’s edition of the art fair will host 65 galleries with many notable names giving solo, group and thematic performances by some of the world’s leading artists. Highlights … Read more

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Jesse Darling: Review of attachments – Part public restroom, part toilet infested with CCTV | art and design

artist . poet Jesse DarlingHer recent survey presentation at Modern Art Oxford has taken a heavy hand on the museum’s organizing body. Glass-covered cabinets swayed and drooped in corners, metal stands refused to do so entirely, and a massive—if terrifying—sculpture of rollercoasters circled the upper reaches before collapsing into a splayed path. Programming that display … Read more

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NFT Pioneer Olive Allen wants to introduce the world of art to the Metaverse. Her vision of the future is not the same as Zuckerberg’s

The metaverse is a noble, ambiguous concept. It’s also a violet storefront on Franklin Street in New York. At least that’s the idea behind Postmasters Gallery’s new Olive Allen gallery, which aims to recreate the Web3 world inside the white cube. The title doubles as an ominous invitation: “Welcome to Metaverse. “ A host of … Read more

The Lord of the Rings-themed official playing cards are going to the gangs

Since early childhood, artist Jackson Robinson has always wanted to do something inspired by The Lord of the Rings. Recently, he was finally able to turn this dream into reality with great success The Kickstarter project has released a deck of The Lord of the Rings themed playing cards It is distinguished by its hand-drawn … Read more