Australia’s tropical rainforests are dying faster in decades in ‘clear and stern climate warning’ | Environment

Trees in Australia’s tropical rainforest are dying at twice the rate since the 1980s, apparently due to global warming, according to new research raising concerns that tropical forests may start releasing more carbon dioxide than they absorb. The study, published in the journal Nature, found the average lifespan of tropical trees in the north Queensland … Read more

Amazing Experience, UAA Planetarium is back with ‘Exploding Universe’

The Planetarium and Visualization Theater at UAA seats 62 people. Photography by Matthew Schmitz Giving viewers a front row seat to some of the most dramatic and violent events in natural history, Clark Planetarium Productions’ “Exploding Universe” uses 3D animation to simulate explosions across the universe, whether large or small. Presented on May 13 by … Read more

A quasi-periodic oscillation was detected in Blazar PKS 0405-385

PKS 0405-385: epoch folded pulse shape from 1022-day period negligible probability analysis of flux density. The purple dashed line represents the mean flux in the gamma-ray light curve. Credit: Gong et al. , 2022. By analyzing the historical light curve of Blazar PKS 0405-385 from NASA’s Fermi spacecraft, Chinese astronomers have detected a quasi-periodic oscillation … Read more

Deciphering the synthetic gene pool of potent freshwater toxins

Scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, Paulo and UC Santa Cruz collaborated to discover and validate the enzymes responsible for the production of One of the most toxic and fast-acting neurotoxins associated with harmful algal blooms in freshwater lakes and ponds. The team combined genetic and … Read more

The Loop Current, which fuels monstrous storms in the Gulf, is very similar to what it was before Hurricane Katrina | Hurricane Center

The Atlantic hurricane season Starting on June 1, the Gulf of Mexico is already warmer than average. Even more worrisome is the stream of warm tropical waters that flows unusually far into the bay for this time of year, with the potential to turn tropical storms into brutal hurricanes. It’s called the Loop Current, and … Read more

Scientists suggest searching for nearby habitable planets – Xinhua

An artistic illustration of the exoplanets. (Purple Mountain Observatory / distributed via Xinhua) Written by Xinhua writers Wang Chenxi and Yu Fei BEIJING, May 18 (Xinhua) — Chinese scientists have proposed a space project to scan the sky through a space-borne telescope to search for habitable Earth-like planets outside our solar system about 32 light-years … Read more

Astronauts may one day drink water from ancient lunar volcanoes

Side view of crater Moltke taken from Apollo 10. Credit: Public Domain Billions of years ago, a series of volcanic eruptions erupted on the moon’s surface, covering hundreds of thousands of square miles of the orb’s surface in hot lava. Over the ages, that lava created the dark spots, or maria, that give the moon’s … Read more