Shriver: Federer is more likely to play in 2022 than Serena

By Richard Bagliaro | Tuesday 17 May 2022 “I think it’s now more likely we’ll see Roger come back,” said Tennis Channel analyst Pam Shriver. Image credit: Hopman Cup When the stars converge Serena Williams And Roger Federer Share the court in a super tennis moment at the 2019 Hopman Cup. The iconic heroes appear … Read more

Medvedev: Wimbledon ban is unfair

Daniel Medvedev He called Wimbledon’s ban on Russians and Belarusians “unfair” and suggested it could set a dangerous precedent. Wimbledon announced last month a ban on Russians and Belarusians, to denounce Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine. AELTC officials said they did not want to provide Russian President Vladimir Putin with a potential platform for propaganda … Read more