Cook County’s Guaranteed Income Program Opening for Applications This Fall aims to become permanent after a two-year trial run – Chicago Tribune

Officials said Wednesday that applications for the $42 million Cook County Direct Cash Assistance Program will open this fall, while they provided new details about the initiative they say they plan to make permanent. Touted as one of the largest guaranteed income programs in the country, Cook County plans to give $500 monthly payments to … Read more

Can Alexa devices make calls? Yes, here’s how it works

Alexa is multi-talented. It can make all kinds of files Fun Music Tricksrespond to Tons of commands And Help you to shop. Alexa can make your landline obsolete. That’s right – if you have Amazon Echo Show 10And echo dotAnd Echo Flex or newer Echo Show 15You can get rid of your landline and use … Read more

Seafarers face long waits for mental health help

As the Navy continues to investigate a series of suicides aboard the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, the service says it is dealing with serious issues related to access to mental health services. The Navy’s most senior enlisted sailor said the pandemic has exacerbated mental health problems across the service and there is a serious … Read more

Analysis: Elon Musk can’t easily give Twitter the boot on bots

May 18 (Reuters) – Elon Musk may find a way to prove his claim of Twitter Inc . spam accounts (TWTR.N) The platform is far above what the social media company estimated, but it’s hard to show that he and investors have been misled, legal experts say. Musk said on Twitter Tuesday that his $44 … Read more

Fukuju Mizuki Florist: A Different Approach to Social Assistance

Florist Fukuju Mizuki has set up Lorans Flower Shop and CafĂ© in the trendy Harajuku district of Tokyo, to provide employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities. In 2021, the store also started a project to help disadvantaged children. Lecturer Inoyama Kamiko sits down with Fukugo to discuss her approach to addressing social issues. … Read more

Smartphone-powered chip makes wireless diagnosis of diseases at home

May 18 2022 New technology can overcome current barriers to rapid and affordable home medical tests. Credit: Laboratory of Nanostructures and Biosensing, University of Minnesota A research team from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has developed a new microfluidic chip for disease diagnosis that uses just a few components and can be operated wirelessly … Read more

WISeKey’s INeS IoT device management platform allows customers and developers to automate device and certificate management, and integrate it with the manufacturing chain

Wisekey International Holding SA WISeKey‘s INeS IoT device management platform HNablus ccustomers and Drdevelopers for apronounce the DrEvesi and ccertificate MEngagement meits integration With Mmanufacturing clittle Geneva, Switzerland – May 18, 2022: WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey”(SIX: WIHN, NASDAQ: WKEY), a global leader in cyber, blockchain, AI and IoT security today announced that it … Read more