Even in the event of a loss, Giannis made it clear that the title goes through

In two games in the 2021 NBA Finals, it looked like Giannis Antetokounmue was destined to fail again. After shooting his knee in the wrong direction against Atlanta, he entered the first 20-point game at Phoenix, then watched the Milwaukee defense disintegrate in game two. . Next, Giannis wanted his body to forget all that … Read more

2022 NBA Playoffs – For better or worse, Jimmy Butler is the driving force of the Heat

Miami – Jimmy Butler Worth the drama. That’s not exactly what Eric Spoelstra called Tuesday night’s butler game, of course. The Miami Heat coach was in his usual self control after leading his team to a 118-107 victory over the Boston Celtics, fueled by butler bonehead, to advance 1-0 in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. … Read more

Swain Cash, CEO of the New Orleans Pelicans, wants to be the head of the NBA team

Sports Illustrated and Empower Onyx highlight the diverse journeys of black women across various sports—from veteran athletes to rising stars, coaches, CEOs, and more—in the series, Elle-evate: 100 Influential Black Women in Sports. Most people are good at one thing. But Swin Cash is amazing at so many things. Former WNBA Champion and All-Star MVP, … Read more

Spencer Dinwiddie and Gabe Vincent could play huge roles in the NBA Conference Finals

MIAMI – Twenty-five Ideas on NBAConference finals, both star-studded like Stephen CurryAnd Luka DonjicAnd Jason Tatum And Jimmy Butler And it probably depends on players you probably haven’t heard about very often. 1. Someone used to watch Brooklyn Networks Tell me about the practice Keri Irvingmentioned Spencer Dinwiddy For comparison. unfavorable. 2. “One of the … Read more

LeBron James Twitter Q&A – Still planning to play Bronny; He names Luka Doncic as his favorite player

12:13 AM ET Tori BaronESPN Editor Close Tori Barron is a writer and editor for ESPN.com in Bristol. After retiring from playing lacrosse at UConn, the D.C. native decided to try her hand at writing about people who play the sport. Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you’re probably privy to this fact LeBron James … Read more

Kellan Grady, a former British goalkeeper, navigates the NBA draft process

When it comes to the transformations a basketball player wants to make, Keelan Grady trumps the epic progression from college to the NBA. He must also handle the transition from a Kentucky “Granddad” team to a professional rookie. “I still will always be a grandfather,” Grady said with a chuckle Monday. He was referring to … Read more

Suns, Bucks and ‘Space ball’: The NBA playoffs’ biggest story and what it means for last year’s Finals teams

Well… what now? The Milwaukee Bucks And Phoenix Suns He met in the NBA Finals last season, and each team had high hopes of returning there in June. Instead, they both lost their seventh games on Sunday and are heading off the season with some lingering structural questions. This is normal in some ways. The … Read more

Suns offseason preview: Devin Booker extension, free Deandre Ayton agency, and more

Phoenix Suns built their success last season with internal improvements from their key players. They fortified their seats even more and had deep rotation in every pose. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough because their title hunt ended prematurely Luka Doncic The Dallas Mavericks. The Suns will return directly to the title mix again next season without … Read more

Milwaukee Bucks ‘definitely could have used’ Chris Middleton in second round loss to Boston Celtics

9:38 PM ET Jamal CollierESPN BOSTON – To successfully defend the NBA Championship, the Milwaukee Bucks realized they needed a combination of strong player performance, health, and maybe a little luck. But the absence of the front khris middleton They loomed large during their Eastern Conference semi-final series against the Boston Celtics and were very … Read more