These money and investing tips can help you juggle whatever the stock market throws at you

Do not miss these financial and investment features: Register here Get the best MarketWatch Mutual Funds and ETF stories emailed to you weekly! Investment news and trends Welcome to the first generation Z bear market. Until recently, the basic experience of young people in the market was that stocks always go up Read more The … Read more

Welcome to the first generation Z bear market.

Generation Z investors are testing their first bear market, and that’s a good thing. I am referring to investors born after 1996 and currently age 26 or younger. They were no older than 12 during the last major bear market, in 2008, and they almost certainly didn’t pay attention to Wall Street. (I bracket the … Read more

Senate prepares to confirm Jerome Powell as Fed Chair for a second term

Mr. Powell’s nomination, due for a Senate vote on Thursday afternoon, has been on the way for months to win bipartisan approval despite concerns about inflation and Big increases in interest rates The Fed quickly began easing price pressures. President Biden said last fall He will reappoint Mr. PowellThe choice of continuity as the scale … Read more

California’s AI-powered wildfire prevention efforts collide with data challenge

California-based utility companies are increasingly investing in AI to mitigate wildfires, but say they are struggling to collect enough data to train AI. Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric Company and PG&E corp. They say they see promise in artificial intelligence algorithms that use images captured by drones and other means to detect … Read more

I am newly self-employed. Should I open a health savings account?

Since health care costs so much, and more every year, you should know about taxable Smart Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), especially if you’ve been self-employed recently. Here’s the story. If you are self-employed, opening a HSA account involves taking more responsibility for your healthcare costs rather than relying on the government. The good news: HSA … Read more

Taking a mental health day? There is a correct way to do this.

It could be an epidemic kill sick day, But Mental Health Day is booming. With workplace burnout on the rise, nearly two-thirds of American workers say they will take a day off from work for it. Psychological health Now, compared to 45% before the pandemic, according to a survey conducted by LinkedIn in February. Health … Read more

Here is a list of 50 well-armed companies to beat inflation

There may be another turn on Tuesday after a series of concerns including stagflation dragged the S&P 500 SPX, + 0.34% Below 4,000 for the first time since 2021. As investors try to regroup from Worst 3-day stock stretch in two yearsMichael O’Rourke, chief strategist at JonesTrading, says another tough day of selling for the … Read more

Face recognition startup Clearview AI agrees to restrictions in court settlement

CHICAGO – Facial recognition startup Clearview AI has agreed to restrict the use of its massive collection of facial images to settle allegations that it collected images of people without their consent. The company agreed in a legal filing Monday to permanently stop selling access to its face database to private companies or individuals across … Read more

Mark Cuban: “Cryptography is going through the lull that the Internet has been through”

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban believes that cryptocurrency is in the same downtrend that tech and internet companies hit in the early 2000s. Bitcoin hits 10-month low Like we. Stocks continued to fall on Monday. and sales of non-fungible tokens, Also known as NFTsdeclined between January and March 2022. Cuban tackled the Twitter slump on TWTR, … Read more

Clearview AI agrees to limit sales of facial recognition database

Clearview AI agreed to restrict the sale of a face-scanning database in a legal settlement with civil rights groups, a victory for privacy advocates who have described the software maker’s technology as a tool for mass surveillance. The New York-based startup will not sell or share its database of billions of facial images taken from … Read more