American football equals pay in a landmark with women and men

The NFL has reached important agreements to pay the men’s and women’s teams equally, making it the first US national governing body in the sport to promise both genders with matching money. The federation on Wednesday announced separate collective bargaining agreements through December 2028 with the unions of the national teams, ending years of often … Read more

Even in the event of a loss, Giannis made it clear that the title goes through

In two games in the 2021 NBA Finals, it looked like Giannis Antetokounmue was destined to fail again. After shooting his knee in the wrong direction against Atlanta, he entered the first 20-point game at Phoenix, then watched the Milwaukee defense disintegrate in game two. . Next, Giannis wanted his body to forget all that … Read more

The Yankees have a chance of a special season all the time

Baltimore – It’s too early to name the Yankees’ 2022 special, but it’s never too early to gauge their chances of being special. This is New York, the city that hasn’t seen a major sports tournament forever. And these are the Yankees, the franchisee who won 27 of them. So, yeah, they’re going to be … Read more

Defending the Stanley Lightning Cup Winners’ Top Panthers in Game One

SUNRISE, Florida (AFP) – The Tampa Bay Lightning won the first two games of the playoff series with the Florida Panthers on the road last year. They are halfway to iterating the performance. Pierre-Edouard Bellemare scored the go-ahead early in the third half, and Andrei Vasilevsky remained motivated with 34 saves and the Lightning Panthers … Read more

Sweeping bubbles by hurricanes means nothing to Rangers now

Before the start of this season, Rangers answered plenty of questions about the 2020 bubble playoffs, as they swept into the qualifying round in three games by the Hurricanes, now their next opponent in the second round. In the eyes of the NHL, those three games in Toronto counted as a playoff for Rangers. Technically … Read more